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A one night stand with the past…


I am sure that those of you that have travelled will know what I mean when I say that the life you left behind seems like another lifetime ago.  You still talk to the people in your past life, you miss them but you dont miss that life.  The life that you are living now is reality and you dont want to go back.  For those of us that havent come straight from university or college, we all have a story, a reason we finally took the leap of faith and left reality behind for the dreamlike life that tends to be the existence you lead as a traveller.  For most people I have met, it is to do with love.  I know it was for me.  That and the frustration of a job that didnt pay enough and worked me too hard.  Whatever it was that finally made me leave, I am thankful for it everyday. When people at home say ‘I miss you, when are you coming home?’  it is hard to say – I don’t know because right now I can’t think of anything worse than leaving this paradise of anonymity, new experiences and lack of stress just to go back to my previous existence of working and going out with couples.  At least as a single traveller one thing you can guarantee is lots of new single friends and having the most random nights, days and weeks, because as a traveller it is not a relationship that you are looking for just some fun for the night and a new experience.

You can imagine my shock when on one of these nights of new experiences and new people, I was in a club on Khaosan road in Bangkok with a new friend I had made the previous day and ran into someone I went to uni with.  My university was very small and everyone knew each other: we knew all the same people had heard about each other but had never met. We had so much gossip to share about those we were still in contact with.  So here I am, in a club in Bangkok on the other side of the world, talking about my uni life and friends back home.  It was a bizarre realisation.  So after many more drinks the question was posed (or rather the statement) ‘How far is your place from here? I hope it is close, I cant be bothered with walking’.  Not the best line I have ever fell for but it felt rude not to, like someone above was making this happen and it would be like going against fate.

Oh and boy would it have been a mistake not to!  Many orgasmic filled hours later he had a bus to catch and I had a friend to meet.  We parted on good terms, very good terms in fact and although we shared a past in our previous life I doubt we will ever collide in the future, but this is not a bad thing.  One night of no holding back, filthy, hot and passionate sex was just what I needed.

This was during the first week of travelling alone and I realised that the world is an incredibly small place and no matter where you go you are never really alone or too far from friends, people you know or even random strangers that remind you of home.  The world is my oyster and this is only the begining.

Miss D