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Liberating Scootering Experiences


Could you imagine bombing down the road on a scooter in the UK in shorts and a vest top?  I would not be seen dead on a scooter in the UK but here in Chaiyaphum, Thailand anything goes.  There are even purpose scooter lanes along the roads and scooter parking at the shops.  The place is made for scooters.  So of course I had to fit in with the locals and invest in a lime green scootering machine.  It sets me back 2000 baht a month but is worth it for the simple fact it is fun and easy to get around on.

Today I went out on the scooter for the whole day, I visited a “tourist” destination that Chaiyaphum has to offer.  We were the only people there!  Stonehenge of Thailand they call it, I would say more a collection of free standing rocks rather than any particular mysterious formations but I digress.  There is not much that is more liberating than driving down a road listening to music with the sun brightly shining down on you and the scenery so stunningly beautiful.  Especially when you think about what you would be doing at that exact moment if you were still working that job in England . I couldn’t help but be amazingly happy and smug about life, so much so that I found myself singing at the top of my lungs to the strangest songs.  All fine and well when you are flying down the road at 80km an hour; get a few funny looks though when you stop at traffic lights still screaming the lyrics to Simply Red because you can’t change the song whilst driving.

The great think about being white in Thailand is also that you can plead ignorance, this came in handy when the police pulled me over today, took a look at me and asked if I spoke Thai (in Thai). I have been learning so am better than you might think but in the hopes of being let off for whatever I may have done I looked blankly at him and said, “no“, with the well perfected pleading innocence flick of the eyelashes he took one look and said, “go,” straight to the point, if a bit rude, but crisis averted I was once again free.

My only point to this blog was to recommend to everyone that you should get a scooter whilst in Thailand and take advantage of the culture, and that it is ok to do so.  Bomb down roads and see sites that most tourists will never see, or get to purchase things that in town would never be that cheap.  6 pineapples for 25 baht is bargain and almost justifies the cost of the scooter.  If that doesn’t help the best coffee shops are also on the edge of town.

Miss D