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The 5am Pull

The 5am Pull

It is safe to say that the days where boy meets girl, they date or court as my Nan would say and then fall madly in love before even considering indulging in the act of sex have well and truly seen their day. Whether or not you think this is a shame is kind of irrelevant as I have discovered. A friend of mine kept her virginity for years, refusing to be the ‘average’ modern woman, wanting to hold on to what is hers until she met that special someone. She prided herself on this decision greatly and everyone in school knew about her choice. She felt she was somewhat better respected for this choice. The guys in our schools take on it was, ‘we are not able to have sex so why do we care?‘. Majority always rules I guess.

Nowadays it seems there is no dating period as my Nan would know it. Its more of a case of boy meets girl and has sex with them, sometimes before they even know their name. I guess we have become more open to the act of sex and waste no time with getting it underway. We all have needs right? Especially when travelling. Miss L describes beautifully the rare case when you connect with a one night stand. The 5am pull differs from this. When you are constantly forming ‘three day friendships’ it’s hard to build a connection with someone. So you prey in on what you can, and sometimes quite desperately as I recently discovered.

We were out in the diversity and hustle of Koh San Road. A place that is unimaginable, seeing is believing there. Street acts which include beat boxers and of course the tuk tuk drivers. We must not miss them off, well actually how can we?  They ask if you would like a tuk tuk 5 times a minute. The smell of food there is enough to make anyone fat and the music booms out of every shanty bar. Dancing on the street with a bottle of beer is perfectly acceptable, along with many other things.

So, I had been away for a few weeks, no sex and no male interaction. Sometimes I crave the thick set arms of a man around me, not because I am in love, just because I think its inbuilt in us to crave the attention and affection of the opposite sex. The talent that night was not what it was a few weeks prior. Not a hottie in sight, actually that is a lie. There were a group of lovely bachelors who eyed us up and moved on. So I spot this well built, tanned male. Brazilian name… wait for it.. Pedro… nope I am not joking. That was his name. He spoke English very well. Did I fancy him as I sat down to try and force down more beer from a long beer tower? No was the answer. But I was kidding myself. Trying to draw more things that I found attractive about him. Ohh he has nice eyes. Yeh he did but was I about to make love to his eyes??? C’mon. Nonetheless, he ended back at my dorm. There he took his hat off, I forgot to mention that didn’t I? Vital information, as when he took his hat off he reminded me of my Mum’s friend’s Spanish pervy boyfriend. It was that moment where I thought this well and truly is a 5am pull. I went through with it, gained satisfaction. Well, we were not really that sexually compatible. The sex was awkward and just did not really do it, probably for either of us. Either way I wanted him to go. I started to fumble with my phone and say, ‘my friends are coming back soon,‘ and like a bolt of lightning from the heavens the door went. The girls. I could not believe it, I hadn’t asked them to come back, they just kind of knew. The numbers were over in the hostel dorm and the owner knew this. He practically frog marched the guy out of the hostel and that was it.

My lesson from all of this: use a vibrator as a 5am pull really is not what its cracked up to be.

Miss J