After reading countless blogs (including our own) describing tear-jerking sunsets and fairytale friendships; it is time to strip back to the truth and reveal the realities behind this facade. This blog follows three single (once solo), female, twenty-something travellers. Their lives have become entwined through their curiosity, courageousness, carelessness and, let’s be honest, cocksearching.

Let’s begin with a bit about us:

Miss D –

As the old saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover” could not be more relevant for this lady. She appears somewhat sensible, but underneath this persona lies a very dark, cheeky horse indeed. Caring in nature, she will be sure to sort you out with a philly toastie when the cuisine spices of Asia become a little too much. Accompanied with a smile which’ll make you think twice about moaning about something that really is not that shit in seconds. Often silly, which brightens your day, but her ying yang balance allows her to carry great direction which some lack. If I was stranded naked in London (don’t act like it is not possible..) I would be sure to give this missy a call.

Miss L –

This baby of the group is anything but. Although she can be regularly found either in the chemist recovering from last night’s scrapes, bruises or other ailments, or down the police station reporting the latest missing item, Miss L is definitely a girl that can look after herself. Her carefree ways will have you in stitches. I think she is the only person in the world who nearly gets robbed by a sang-thaew driver and tells you about it as if she has just popped to the shop to grab a pint of milk and a bottle of wine. Her opinionated manner makes her the best person to people watch (a.k.a. man hunt) with and an even better person to have a good gossip with. If you want someone to have a spontaneous, eventful, crazy night/weekend with then she can liven up any party.

Miss J –

Where can I start? This gorgeous brunette knows what she wants and gets it. Her funny and quirky personality is reflected in everything she does and says – sometimes right down to her man choice at 5am! She is the type of person who will wee with the door open within two minutes of meeting you, but her honesty and openness are definitely some of her best qualities. Miss J is the quirky one of our trio, with her kooky demeanour, inappropriateness and, let’s face it, downright impoliteness.

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