Tips on Getting a Tattoo in Thailand

Tips on Getting a Tattoo in Thailand

After spending 7 months living in Thailand the thought of getting a bamboo tattoo pops into your mind on several occasions. So I did it! I got the bamboo tattoo and a couple of years on I still don’t regret it here so here are my tips when thinking about getting a tattoo is Asia specifically.


  1. DON’T DO IT AT 3AM! However tempting it is to go after a few drinks! Those people will regret it! They allow tattoo parlours to stay open 24 hours to take advantage of the drunk people getting those silly tattoos that they are bound to regret.
  2. THINK ABOUT IT! There are many many “typical” tattoos that people get when in Asia and Thailand. Do you want to be “that” person
  3. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Lots and lots of tattoo parlours line the streets in islands in Thailand. There are allsorts of tattoo artists in these parlours. Google them, check out their previous work and ask to see them tattoo someone else. If you are getting foreign words tattooed on you make sure they say what you hope they say.
  4. CHECK THE NEEDLES! A bamboo tattoo is just that a needle sticky taped to a stick of bamboo. Watch them get a new needle out and go through the process of sticky tape.
  5. LOOK AFTER YOUR TATTOO! Bamboo tattoos heal very very fast in comparison to normal tattoos but does not mean you shouldn’t look after them for the time it takes to heal. Make sure you Vaseline the tattoo daily and follow the care instructions.

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