Long road back to the expat life

Long road back to the expat life

After my first visit to the UK in 3 years it is hard to settle back into the live that I have in Sydney. All of a sudden you miss silly things you didn’t notice before.

Have you ever noticed the lack of daisies in Australia?

Your friends and family are suddenly at the forefront of your mind again and you start thinking you see them when your walking down the street.

You realise you are missing out on your best friends house warming and first baby talk. Your missing out on the wine nights and the gossip.

But then you have a moment. One of those moments only a traveller will understand and you realise you are doing all this for those moments. Because those moments are the ones that take your breath away as you watch the sunrise over the beach or walk into a bar that is “oh so Sydney”.

An Australian Breakfast is amazing and an English fry up just tastes greasy after so long here.

It takes time to realise again that your life on the road is not worse or better than those at home with the house and the kids it is just different and it is the life I chose for myself and I live for the “moments”

My one bit of advice for those returning from their “home” make sure you get your first “moment” as soon as possible and all your worries will disappear again.


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