Squeezing in Scotland

Squeezing in Scotland


In keeping with my rather sporadic attitude, last weekend I spontaneously decided to visit Edinburgh.

Consciously aware that I’mleaving Europe soon, I’m trying to fit as much in as possible. Incredibly (and embarrassingly), despite living in the UK for most of my life, I had never been to Scotland.

Everybody told us we were crazy, but my friend and I decided to take the bus up to Edinburgh from London, an 8-10 hour journey overnight. We arrived early Saturday morning, to leave early hours of Sunday morning.

It seemed ridiculous to pay for a hotel when we were leaving at 5am, so we discussed it and decided we’d just stay out all night. 24 hours in Edinburgh, no sleep, easy.

My main fear was that we’d struggle with balancing alcohol in the evening: we had to drink enough to be sure we’d stay out until 5am, yet not drink so much we missed our coach. Tricky. Especially as all clubs closed at 3am..

We managed, and somehow in the clothes I had been wearing since 8pm the previous evening, I managed to secure myself a date back in London for tomorrow night. Bizarre.

Highlights were certainly climbing Arthur’s Seat shortly after sunrise, and wandering the streets of Edinburgh slightly tipsy at 4am. I think with our strategic planning, we ticked off almost every ‘must-do’ in our 24 hours (advice: don’t bother with the ghost tour or the cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, but head to Lovecrumbs cafe where you can have tea and delicious cake while sitting in the window).

It always surprises me how much can be achieved in 24 hours if you’re simply awake. I feel guilty for spending so many hours asleep..


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