So as 30 is looming ever closer and my friends are all getting married, having babies and buying houses it has to make you start to think about what you “should” be doing at this time in life.

I recently attended a wedding in Derbyshire and visited some old friends that I haven’t seen since leaving the UK 3 years ago. Seeing everyone’s lives move on so much more than mine got me thinking about why we do the things that we do.

As I was playing with my friends 8 month old, or visiting my friends beautiful country home – which she now owns, or seeing how well they are doing in their careers I couldn’t help think have I been missing out? And then comes that awkward question…So boyfriend yet?

No I don’t have any children or a beautiful country house or high flying career or even a boyfriend but has any of these things ever really been my dream or are these things that are inflicted on you as things that you “should” be doing at a certain age?

I may not have taken the “normal” route through life but I have lived in 3 different countries, travelled almost every continent and experienced a whole wealth of different jobs from waitressing, chambermaid, teaching, labouring, telesales and even what I am actually qualified to do events!

And no I have never really thought about children or a house and as for a career I don’t think I could stay in the same job for the next 20 years just yet and therefore I am happy to keep changing my mind and experiencing a wealth of things.

Will I ever settle down? Maybe one day but why should I conform to what society expects? So yes I am happy to play with your babies and admire your houses but I would appreciate it if you kept your judgemental questions to yourself because I do not plan on conforming just yet!


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