Coping in Copenhagen

Coping in Copenhagen


I spent the bank holiday weekend in Denmark with some friends; heading to the source of the world’s most beautiful men is certainly a big ask. Luckily, we coped.

Actually, nothing of note happened in that regard, although there were plenty of delicious specimens to admire. Aside from that, the city was beautiful, bustling, clean and cool. We spent the days brunching; wandering around the lovely lakes and parks; viewing the infamous Little Mermaid and grave of Hans Christen Anderson; cycling from palace to exhibition to market to church to bar to club; wandering around the freetown of Christiania, a green light district where no photos can be taken, the laws of the city (and the EU) are not applicable and they even have their own postal stamps for use internally.

Overall, it was a great weekend with some good friends that cost less than £100 for flights and accommodation, and I spent less than £100 while I was there. Goodness, I’m going to miss this easy, cheap European travel!


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