Dorm Room Sex

Dorm Room Sex

On a recent trip to the Gold Coast with a girl friend of mine we flew after work on Friday night and checked into the hotel. We waited until the next night for our big night out as we were also planning on doing all three theme parks the same weekend. We hit the first theme park with full force and had so much fun.

That night we were going to join the hostel on their pub crawl. If you haven’t been to Surfers Paradise it is famous for it’s the epic pub crawls. We walked into the hostel bar and I spotted the guy everyone would want! You know the type. So hot you have no chance cause every other girl will be talking to him. Not thinking much about the sex on legs we ordered our drinks and starting talking and making friends with some of the other people on the crawl.

We make it to the first pub and it was like a meat market. There were significantly less women to men ratio so I guess men just thought they had to get in first. It was literally like people were coming at us from every angle and we weren’t really sure what to do…What did we do? Reverted to the side of the dance floor and drank our glasses and laughed at everyone else. Did it work? No! but we did get dancing and chatting to this guy in a red suit, he seemed like a right laugh and generally didn’t appear to want to hit on either of us so we made friends with his group and ended up going to the next bar with them…Turns out sex on legs was in this group.

Still thinking I have not got a chance with sex on legs – he is after all sex on legs! We start ordering drinks and dancing at the next bar. Some great old school classic tunes came on and being slightly older than some of the others on the crawl we were having so much fun, dancing, screaming lyrics and laughing. Sex on legs starts dancing near me, I am still thinking this doesn’t happen to me.

Next bar comes around we walk to the bar and are stood in the line for what seems like ages before they finally let us in. Sex on legs and I head straight to the bar. The next thing I know arms are around me and he whispers in my ear “I cant keep talking to you without kissing you” I was in complete shock but wasn’t going to disagree.

The evening continued in a bit of a blur but ended up with all of us back at the hostel and the discussion about dorm room bed hoping ensued.

I decided I wasn’t going to sleep with sex on legs – not sure why but thought I would hold out. He still stayed in the top of my bunk bed with me and I am not going to say we were completely innocent but eventually I went to sleep. He left and the evitable texting came “please come to my room the buys wont mind”

The next day we hit yet another theme park and that night went out for a few drinks to an Irish bar we knew would be a good laugh. We were out with a few girls and they suggested going to another bar. Sex on legs had already text me and told me the boys were heading the same place…Queue sexy time! I had already decided that I was stupid the night before and should the opportunity arise tonight I was going to take it. I mean who doesn’t sleep with the guy that grabs your attention the moment you walk into the bar!

Back at the hostel his friends were still out or at least giving us some space so we thought we had the whole 10 bed dorm to ourselves. Of course he was on the top bunk and right by the door but drunk and horny and thinking we had the room to ourselves there was no holding me back – We did not have the room to ourselves. One of his friends was already comatose in bed and a stranger who had checked in the dorm that day lay on his bottom bed over the other side of the room wide awake…awkward!

The thing is if you have been travelling for long enough dorm room sex no longer has the stigma it once did. Once you start travelling and sharing dorm rooms you realise that you have seen so much and so much of other people you did not expect. Here are a few things you should know:

  • You will learn a bed sheet is not noise proof even if you do hang it from the top bunk.
  • Communal showers suddenly have an attractive appeal at 3am
  • We know it is annoying but they cant go on all night just grin and bear it…one day it may be you.
  • Although it may seem rude to the boy/girl you are in bed with – leave before dawn, it is so much less awkward for everyone else in the dorm.
  • Own the strut of pride! Dorm rooms are common areas and chances are people know what you are doing.

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