Christmas on a Beach

Christmas on a Beach

Waking up Christmas morning with a hangover is pretty much standard at home for me. Waking up Christmas morning with a hangover knowing you can walk straight onto the beach and jump into the ocean is amazing. I spent Christmas day on Boracay in the Philippines and to make it more special it was with my Dad – which was a first in almost 15 years!

Dad and I spent Christmas Eve drinking beers in the hotel room before we decided we should probably get some food…in comes the pizza! After pizza we hit a bar, we met a couple and get got a great seat on the beach to watch the fireworks go off over the ocean. Sitting on the beach sounds like a great idea until it gets dark, you get drunk oh and the tide starts coming in! We ended up sat on sinking chairs as the tide washed over our feet and we drank our shot after shot after cocktail after cocktail.

We watched the fireworks and I had one of those “travelling” moments as I stood in the sea, looked at my dad hugging our new friends and listening to the fireworks and thought at the age of 27 I am glad I can do this with my dad.

We hit the nextHookah Bar? bar, Dad and I stood at the bar ordering drinks and I watched as the bar man poured the most amazing amount of alcohol into a glass and called it a cocktail before handing it to a couple of guys. Well I had to know what was in this drink, what it was called and what it tasted like so I sauntered straight over to them and asked….If your wondering it tasted foul! After a few minutes my dad joined me, introductions were made and I left to go to the toilet. On my return my Dad is finishing off said cocktail! I asked them what had happened…my Dads response? They dared me, I cant turn down a dare? This is coming from a man in his 60’s! Needless to say within 5 minutes Dad was leaning on a tree and needed to be taken home.

So back to waking up Christmas day with that hangover – the first thing I wanted to do was open all my presents Dad had brought over with him from my family. Then it was time for the excursion.Kayaking Christmas

Seasickness and a hangover – not a good mix!

Luckily it was a short boat ride before we got to an island full of free alcohol, food, kayaking, snorkelling, cliff jumping, fresh coconuts on trees, chickens, goats and even a yak. I cant say I jumped from the highest cliff jump but I did jump from one and that was enough. Needless to say it was an amazing day spent chilling out and making new friends. When we arrived back onto the main land we hit…you guest it the pizza place! Usually I am one to try the local cuisine but I just couldn’t seem to order anything right in the Philippines, it all had lots of meat in it or bones and seaweed. So without a local to teach me how to eat I am pretty sad to say I stuck to the obvious.

After food it was home for a shower before heading back out to the pub to meet more people and try a few new locations out.

My recommendation for a Christmas away from home…Embrace it don’t try and recreate it, it will never be your mums roast turkey dinner and bad TV when you have a beach on your doorstep and ocean full of possibilities. Go out make friends and paddle in the sea on Christmas day, it just might make you realise how lucky you really are.

This is the first of many of me ticking of my bucket list. If you haven’t checked out our bucket lists make sure you do. Whats on your bucket list? We would love to hear from you!


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