Living the Dream?

Living the Dream?

I am at the age now where most people are getting married and having babies and I am sure you have all seen the posts on facebook but I really am over here thinking about what country I should travel to next. I am not sure you ever really get over the travel bug even if you live in a new country you still want to explore so much more.

Living in a new country is by far one the best things I can recommend anyone to do but be prepared it is also the hardest!

Every weekend is like an adventure you have so much you could do that weekend because there is so much you haven’t done before. You could get on public transport and go anywhere you can sit in a new pub or do a new walk, the world really is your oyster and you go back to work on a Monday thinking you really did have a holiday this weekend.

I can hear you now – yeah ok, so where is the hard part? Well the hard part is the revolving door of friends that you go through. Being in an expat community people come and go all the time. You think you have a great group of friends…finally and then bang within months everyone leaves and you are left picking up the pieces and putting a new friendship circle together again.

The hard part is when your friends and family at home go through these life moments and your on the opposite side of the world missing the hen party or the baby shower or even just a university reunion. You cant fly home every weekend after all.

If you have been following much of this blog you know that all of us are seasoned travellers and travelling and making friends is the easiest thing in the world. I am not a shy person and I guess that is a bonus as a female solo traveller.Travel the world

I am not sure what the answer is, I just wanted to put it out there. Most expats I have met are not sure they will stay away forever and this mainly boils down to that they miss their friends and family and it is really hard to create that support network in another country.

Don’t get me wrong there are so many amazing things about living the expat live and I wouldn’t change my live for the world. Bring on the weekend on the beach and exploring a new part of Australia every 5 days 🙂


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  1. Sounds like me. I, also, aren’t thinking about marriage or having babies. For me, there’s too much of the traveller within me. There’s too much to see out there. And I know I’ll only regret it if I didn’t get out and explore the world – unless I found someone who felt exactly the same as I did. I’d much rather be single, and travel the world.

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