Feminism and 50 Shades of Grey

Feminism and 50 Shades of Grey

Have you ever tried been dominated in the bedroom? It is so much fun. I guy can go Christian Grey on me any day but this has been a fetish long before Christian Grey and will be long after however some guys seem to have taken this dominating to another level.

This new “fashion” seems to have men confused on how to treat women outside of the bedroom too. Just because I like being controlled and told what to do inside the bedroom does not mean you can control my life outside.

I am an independent women with a lot going on in my life. I try and make time for men but they are not my whole life, I dedicate a lot to my career, my friends, my sport and my hobbies. So when a man walks in and decides that after a week of seeing each other I should forsake everything else because he has decided to grace me with his presence on a Sunday afternoon….UMMM I think not, I don’t mind some afternoon delight but don’t be falling asleep in my bed and expect me to be happy about it when I have stuff to do!

The demand for me to send pictures, or texts and answer phone calls every second of the day…if not why am I busy?…I HAVE A LIFE!

Miss L started dating a guy that told her she couldn’t choose when she was “subservient!” – I am sure you have to agree to those types of games before they begin?

I have always liked a bit of rough in the bedroom and have never thought it to be a contradiction to my feminism or believes in the rest of life but this new “fashion” that has been sweeping amongst men thinking they can now go all stone age on us again has to stop. It is almost like we have regressed before feminism and men think it is ok now to control us because it is “dominating”

What have we let ourselves in for with characters like Christian Grey? Will people realise the difference between fantasy and reality? Bring back the men that can treat you like a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.


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