Testing the sex before a relationship

Testing the sex before a relationship

We have all had the excellent relationship, the fantastic connection, someone you can tell everything to BUT the sex is bad. I am not talking love cuddle bad but sack of spuds bad. What do you do? You are already in “love”.

I have been trialling my theory this week and have been having sex with a guy to determine if the sex is good before we get into a relationship. Last night we talked about bad sex with ex’s and we decided we had the best idea. Sex is the best way to get to know someone.

We have not been dating that would be too strong a word we have just been having sex. During this time I have learnt more about this guy then I have in 3 actual dates with other guys. I know he is good in bed – which is the main thing – but when you are in between throwing each other around the room that is when the real stuff comes out. When your guard is down and your laying on the bed trying to catch your breath and chatting about anything that comes into your head. It is no longer forced like it is in a bar because you have already got the awkward stuff out of the way.

Who knows how this will turn out he may be another notch on the bed post so to say but my god it will be a well rocked bed post.


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