Pole dancing my way through life

Pole dancing my way through life

What are the words you think of when you think of a pole dancer?

What would you say if I told you I was a pole dancer?

Monday to Friday 9 – 5 I work a corporate job wearing a suit, with responsibilities and people that depend on me to be the powerful organised person that I am….One night a week I put on a pair of 7 inch plastic clear heels and a sparkly sequin bikini and grind up and down a pole. And I love it.

 The stigma that goes along with pole dancing sucks. I enjoy that one night a week I get to forget my responsibilities as an adult and be a person that doesn’t care. For one night a week my sexy alter ego emerges and I take of my clothes shake my booty and can hang upside down on a spinning pole with no hands.

Any pole dancer worth their salt will tell you it is not all glamour and sex appeal. A real pole dancer will tell you that it is more realistically bruises and aches and pains in places that cannot be explained to someone that doesn’t dance. You find yourself sat in front of the TV on nights when you have nothing to do stretching and doing head stands trying to build that strength to get that move you just cant manage in class. You find yourself in the gym doing your regular pole workout and wondering why you are being looked at funny then you realise you are pulsating your hips into the air whilst laying on your back….you cant help but laugh at the realisation that everybody thinks you are some deranged sex maniac in the corner.

I pole danced in the UK before moving to Australia and it is passed off as an exercise where people wear sport clothing and no shoes…this is not pole dancing like people know it, this is a fitness craze but I guess to the British population this is more acceptable. I am not saying the pole dancing I do is accepted in Australia – I still tell people I cannot make a meeting because I have an “exercise class” but I would never find a class like mine back home.

When I do tell people that I pole dance I wait for that surprised look, the “I didn’t know you were a slut” look. But I own it. I am not the type of person that would hide behind stigmas and others perceived concepts of the way we all should act. I am who I am I pole dance in the evening and I wear a high powered suit during the day. Just remember you cannot always judge a book by its cover you never know what people are doing in the evenings. Keep an open mind.


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