Evolution, I think?


You’ve probably gathered that Miss D, L and J are not quite where we were two years ago.  Our writing kind of fizzled out as one of us moved back to the UK, one of us became pregnant and the other began to live a (only very slightly) more settled life in Australia.

That isn’t to say that our lives have become boring in that time – rather that we have all had our reasons for not feeling as free to share our opinions or experiences. I know for myself, I felt very different writing about my various misadventures and sharing admittedly controversial opinions while I was away in backpacker mode – feeling pretty anonymous and invincible – than I do now I’m back in the UK, surrounded by people who know me, and concerned with keeping a professional job and professional image.

So things have changed slightly. The three musketeers have not been together in an incredibly long time, which I suppose is a calming effect in itself – as we potentially bring out the worst (or perhaps the best?) in one another. And our lives appear to have changed course rather substantially.

Although it’s only been a couple of years, it’s astounding the difference that has made to single life. We’re all still pretty much single at this moment in time, yet now that we’re holding down real jobs and generally staying in cities longer term (with more than just a backpack), we’re no longer meeting beautiful men on beaches and in hostels and going with the flow.  Instead, we’re having to deal with the trials and tribulations of real dating – as well as those of Tinder, Happn and the like. It’s a funny time to be young and single.

Miss D has provided quite an account of her Tinder experience, so I won’t share mine yet. It hit London hard, though, so I certainly have some stories. Miss D talks about the pleasures and spontaneity of her tinder dates, but sometimes I’ve found it rather hard-going. There are multiple issues you come up against when you’re scouring the online dating scene from a city you know well and have been in for quite some time, such as what on earth to do when you spot your friend’s live-in boyfriend’s face floating on your screen, active three minutes ago; or equally perplexing, when the guy you’re not so casually seeing screenshots your Tinder profile to you.. Not to mention the terribly awkward situations where you and your date are on different planets when it comes to what kind of date you thought you were going on. More details to come..

So, wow, there it is. Times have changed and we have changed. Slightly. But change is evolution, so I like to think our stories have evolved, hopefully into something better. We’ve grown up slightly, and life has grown up around us..oh!

Miss L


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