Lies, Deceit and Immoral Boys


It has now been almost 3 years since I left England and you probably think from the tone of this blog that I have met a lot of men and you would be right.

There have been a mixture of different men but since arriving in Australia I haven’t had much luck in the way of finding “love” a date I had last night said it was because I travelled too much but I didn’t want to tell the real reason…

Everyman I have felt anything remotely close to feelings have all had girlfriends and before  you say there goes another home wrecking whore I knew nothing of these girlfriends until the time and feelings had been invested. There are 3 instances of this in the past 2 years.

Instance no. 1

We met a group of lads out drinking on night one of the girls I was out with was on the hunt and she had hit a home run…but the guy was married at least he was honest about it and everyone knew where they stood. I was playing wing man and was talking to his mates, I asked how many were married and why they thought it was acceptable to behave in this way? The guy I was talking to was also disgusted about the married men.

We met every night of their holiday after that, the guy I was talking to had asked for my number – I thought my luck was in! he was Greek God material and was one of the group that wasn’t married. We spent every night together and on the last night he arranged to have their hotel room for us for most of the evening. He went back to his home town the next day and I text him something innocent…within minutes I had phone calls from a number I didn’t know and it dawned on me that I had been played….a long line of abuse ensued from his “fiancé” Even got a phone call from him to apologise saying he would have to delete everything from his phone but would it be ok if he kept my number on a piece of paper – I laughed at him and hung up.

Instance 2

Had one of those nights you look across the bar and can’t stop staring at the guy at the other end – fast forward 3 weeks and I finally speak to said face. Spent the rest of the evening and the following couple of days with this man that had enthralled me. All of a sudden he drops a bombshell…just so you know I have a kid “OK, I can deal with that” – I am not a massive kid person I thought but at my age these things happen. “OH and a girlfriend…But it is on the way out and we are splitting up” Right I say and somehow he convinces me that the only reason they are together is the kid and they are just figuring out long term things for the baby at the moment…IDIOT!!!! But by this point he had declared his love for me…I know I can hear you all screaming at me as I write this…Needless abuse ensued from that girlfriend too.

Instance 3

So I am in a new place and just started a new job, a guy at work has made it very obvious he likes me and I think don’t get involved with a guy at work that is a stupid thing to do…But you all know that eventually you give in especially when they are cute. I gave in eventually. Back at his and we are in bed you know the moment…Clothes are flying everywhere and you are just about to reach for the condoms when he says “I have a girlfriend” My response was to get out of there as soon as possible. I couldn’t believe that it was happening to me again and that gut feeling that I shouldn’t have been sleeping around at work came hurtling back towards me…Needless to say work was a little awkward on Monday but luckily we had been pretty discreet with the flirting so it wasn’t office gossip.

Why is it that men insist on the lies and the deceit? I am always pretty honest when I am talking to men, I try and lay my cards on the table and tell them like it is. Being lied to is not just in not saying the words it is in your actions…I am not asking for sympathy I just wanted to pass on my run of bad luck.. this has not stopped me dating and my next blog will fill you in on the latest dates…

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