Is it for sex dates, drink dates or dinner dates? I have heard of them all on tinder. Lets face we have all heard stories about tinder. A friend of a friend and all that but I want to tell you about my limited experience of tinder in Australia.

When I first joined I was in a tiny town in the outback where the population was very small and most of it was mining or construction workers so the female population was miniscule. Miss L convinced me that in London it was a huge deal…in the outback with radius set to 500km it was not a huge deal and most of the faces that came up I had met in the local…needless to say tinder in the outback…utter fail.

Tinder in Sydney? Different ball game.

The first guy I met was a London lad, cocky little shit but my god the sex was good. When I first went to meet him I was nervous, I had never met a guy from the internet before so I text my friend and told her what I was up to and she agreed to give me my “get out of jail free” phone call – which of course he saw coming and pulled me up on it.

He was travelling and not in Sydney for that much longer but we had so much fun while it lasted. After a couple of dates, On his suggestion we went to Jarvis Bay for the weekend. Being new to tinder and not sure of the protocol I had no idea what to expect. I had the car and he didn’t so I knew I was driving, I thought maybe he would have booked a hotel or at the very least found a tent…nope. I was so hung-over the day I was meant to pick him up I was late and unorganised, he was the same. We managed to get to Jarvis bay and on the drive I realised that he was not a gentleman in any sense of the word, had no money and had therefore not thought about a hotel or anything remotely romantic. We arrived at a beach somewhere in Jarvis bay went for a walk and a swim and promptly decided that we had to find somewhere quieter to have sex. We found a secluded beach and he bent me over a tree stump. We left that beach and went on a walk around a lake, I undid his pants and gave him a blowjob on a lookout point over the lake. We went to another beach and he lay me on the rocks and made me cum with his fingers. You can see where this is going…If you haven’t been to Jarvis Bay there are so many secluded spots and so many beaches to visit. The evening was actually not very sex filled. Apparently the back seat of a RAV 4 doesn’t hold out much interest after the day we had had and yes that means there wasn’t even money in the budget for a sleazy motel. After that weekend I think I saw him once or twice more before he flew back to London leaving me only fond memories of Jarvis bay and a few other occasions which I won’t go into detail about for fear of disturbing the poor friend that let me stay in her bed during this time.

Unfortunately other tinder dates have not lived up to this very first. It was a high standard to set and I think he blew many out of the water…now please don’t get me wrong, this was not the guy I was meant to be with or any soppy stuff, he was not the type to introduce to your mother, even your friends were a stretch but he was so much fun.

Other tinder dates include…a ginger Aussie that wanted to “show me off” to his friends and family on date 3, a lunch date with an older gentleman but how interesting can you be in 45 minutes? And a Croatian whose second date is next week (I will keep you informed).

So my friends I am not sure if tinder is the modern way to date but it certainly helps me meet people that are outside of my friendship group, into different things and if nothing else gets you a few free drinks and maybe even a meal if your lucky.

I think tinder can be what you want it to be but you have to lay it on the line and be honest. If it is sex tell them, if it is a few dates tell them, if it is a psychotic marriage and children probably have a long hard look at yourself and not leave the house for a while but you get my gist


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