Swinging, Sex Clubs and an Undercover World

After a drunken game of “I have never,” Miss J and Miss L found out about my sordier past.  They insisted that I write a blog about it to uncover the mysteries and lay out the truth of this undercover world.  This is a part of my life that I am neither ashamed of nor proud of, it is what it is and is a part of my past.  It doesn’t come up in conversations very often at all but when it does I am never really sure how to address the topic, so generally I choose to stay quiet and say nothing, rather than risking being exposed to all the awkward questions that inevitably follow.  I dont blame the interviewers, they are merely curious, but I would say that those with that many questions should just take the plunge and try it. Before I go into too much detail let me state for the record that I am not a lesbian nor am I even bi sexual, bi curious or any other term that can be coined together.  I am merely a girl who is not afraid to try new things in any and all avenues of life.  My mission before I die is to be able to say, “Yes, i have done everything“.  I am not a convert and in no way think that every relationship should be this open.  In fact this relationship didn’t last but I have done it, I enjoyed it and I don’t hold it against anyone who does it long term.  For me it was about trying something new with a person I loved and would have done anything for. The relationship ended for a number of reasons and this was just part of our history, not our main purpose of existing.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some people that do it for different reasons and some of them wouldn’t be for me but everyone has their own set of morals and values.  I would also like to make it clear that I was not made to do it, I did love my boyfriend and we had a great relationship at the time, it was something we decided to do together. I had read up on some things and talked to a few people online about what to expect and the main thing they said was to set up your rules, these can be anything at all but ours, we decided was no kissing.  Very pretty women I hear you say, well you would be right.  What else am I to go on?  I didnt tell any of my friends.  I didn’t want to have to justify my actions without first knowing how I was going to feel or even what to expect really.  I dont think I told them for months as I just didnt know what to say or how they would react. 

The first time I met with another couple was when we were on holiday.  It seemed like a good idea to do it far away from home so there was no chance of seeing anyone we knew.  My boyfriend had found them online and had talked to them on the phone so they were not complete weirdos.  I know what you must be thinking, meeting people online?  We were old enough to make the decision and were sensible, we had a different phone to call people from and never used our real names or job titles so that it couldnt be traced back to us.  We met them in a pub for a few drinks to break the ice, I also needed a large dose of dutch courage.  We then went straight to a bed and breakfast.  One thing led to another and…well, I am sure you can guess the rest (this is not a porno).  They left shortly after and I was left with a strange feeling, a feeling that is hard to describe, I guess excitement mixed with relief.  Not relief that it was over, more relief that it wasnt a disaster. 

We went on to experiement with other couples even met a couple from my home town, although I was constantly worried they would know me or I would know them.  We met a couple in a near by village that were lovely although a bit strange.  She mentioned that “he made her do it 3 or 4 times a week“.  This to me set off alarm bells as for us it was something we did every couple of months, it wasn’t essential to our relationship and I don’t think it should be, but each to there own I guess. One thing the couple did bring to our attention were sex clubs, they said they attended one regularly.  We looked into it and it seemed like a good night out that we could both enjoy together.  After research we realised that many clubs made you take all your clothes off and walk around in a towel, if that!  I didnt want to go naked and liked the idea of a club that was a club first with sex next.  We ended up at a club called La Chambre which is well known for being in many porn films. Although it was two hours from us we took the plunge and went on a saturday evening, couples night. 

The club is well hidden and there is not much to display that it is even there when you are stood outside it.  It is members only and the membership along with the entrance fee makes it a very expensive night. At first glance, it looks like any other club, there is a DJ, dancefloor and bar.  It is not until you look closer that you realise that the couple you thought were cuddling in the corner are actually going at it like rabbits and most people around are wearing very little or no clothing.  

We are taken on a tour and told what is what and where is where.  The lockers are the first point of call, as most people wear underwear there is not much space to store valuables.  Next is the sauna, jacuzzi and shower rooms.  The jacuzzi has a ridiculous amount of chlorine in to kill any thing that may ejaculate into the water.  Next are the play rooms.  Great for voyerism, and getting kinky with anyone you fancy.  Anything goes here if you are open to it but no means no and nobody ever asks you more than once, if you are not comfortable then all you need to do is say.  The beds are wipe clean and there are plenty of tissues and condoms to keep everything clean.  It was daunting at first, all the rooms full with people thrusting, moaning and generally enjoying themselves but after you get used to it it is quite liberating.  We then move on to the dungeon, down there anything really does go.  There are whipping stations, sex swings, bondage straps, spiders webs to tangle yourself in, right up to touch up boxes which are like telephone boxes with strategically placed holes for anyone to grope you.  The rest of the evening was ours to do as we pleased, for me it was all about taking it all in on the first night, it is so different to anything I have ever experienced.  Everyone was so friendly, understanding and some people I even got on with.  Of course there are the strange old couple as with every club but as it was couples night there were no seedy single men.  Single ladies are allowed to come whenever they want to as they dont come often.  Leaving the club I felt like I had been a bit naughty, tried something new and we didnt even have sex with anyone else.  It was the thrill of doing something that was taboo and that no one expected that turned me on.  There is something about the feeling of sitting in Macdonalds at 3am looking around at the people thinking, you have no idea how filthy I really am and what I have been doing this evening.  Gave me a nice smug feeling to know that nobody would even guess. 

I personally think it is the best place a couple can go who want to do something different with their saturday night.  You dont have to have sex with anyone else and what is better than getting all flustered in a club and actually having sex rather than getting that awkward taxi ride home where the taxi driver is obviously getting an eyeful and enjoying it when all you want to do is fuck like there is no tomorrow.  At the end of the day, we are all human and we all have the same urges.  It is not the lifestyle that everyone would want, it is certainly not the lifestyle that I would want but I have tried it and can say so with conviction. What is your excuse?

Miss D


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